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Please send all orders to: Dino Simonett St. Alban–Vorstadt 68 4052 Basel / Switzerland simonett@simonett.com

Visit as well www.thenamebooks.com, thank you!

PRIVATE CLIENTS: We take every order from private clients from all over the world. Please order at simonett@simonett.com, Shipping cost separately, we ship best price by DPD from Frankfurt or by Post from Basel Switzerland. We accept VISA or MASTERCARD and Paypal AND all Bank Payments.

BOOKSHOP DISTRIBUTION: WE TAKE ORDERS FROM EVERY BOOKSELLER IN THE WORLD. RETAILERS DISCOUNT: 1 Book: 33% 2-4 Books: 35% 5-9 Books: 40% 10+ Books: 45%. No remittance.

Banking Details: RAIFFEISENBANK CAZIS Konto Nr. 33585.81 IBAN: CH22 8106 3000 0033 5858 1 BIC: RAIFCH22
Please Don’t Send Any Book Proposals. No Jobs Vacant. Bookbags Available Again. Showroom and Book Gallery Visits by Appointment. Thank You for Shopping With us.